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Bathroom Finish
Bathroom Finish
Bathroom Finish
Bathroom Finish
Bathroom Finish

This page was created to help those who are trying to understand and gain answers to all things related to what we do and the more technical questions about warranties, application and more. We hope you can leave this page feeling a little more educated and empowered to make some great design choices

Q. Is it like Render or Plaster?

A. This product is similar to both. It is a troweled application. The product is referred to as decorative plaster. Although the product itself is made from crushed marble and lime. The reason it is referred to as decorative is because of the texture it adds to a wall. It adds a dreamy character, something you can't achieve from traditional paint and render. Yes, you may get minimal amounts of texture with the alternative however it will lack the wanderlust, the intrigue and character of our product.

Q. Is this a product you sell for DIY?

A. No. We have our preferred artisans who are highly trained, skilled, certified and knowledgeable. We wouldn't use anyone who is not upto scratch or untrained

Q. Is it heat proof for my fireplace?

A. Yes. Our products have the A1 rating for fireplaces. Not only are they durable for this specific area but they look incredibly mesmerising when you're sitting by the fire. A great showpiece

Q. What is a suitable substrate for this product?

A. Gyprock, Cement Sheeting, Villa Board, BlueBoard, Brick, Tiles, Render, Concrete, MDF ( not ply ), Laminate, Hebel and more. If you aren't sure, please just ask our team

Q. Is this a budget product?

A. In short, No. Essentially a budget product wouldn't be suitable for a wet area. The quality is compromised and simply doesn't last. We personally have seen and fixed many jobs that have "budget FRIENDLY products" applied. Hence the reason we have been fixing them. Its very important to us that we dont compromise the quality of the work we do. We do things the right way, so that you have peace of mind for it to last. We don't apply any products if we feel like there is any issues that need attending to, first we like to ensure that all areas are suitable then we can move into application. It is a process our clients have come to love and appreciate.

Q. What is this product priced compared to tiles?

A. Tiles are firstly not our area of expertise, we don't know what the market holds as a standard.  Essentially, we really dont have a price guide to compare it to tiles at all. Tiles aren't seamless, they aren't mould free or resistant & they aren't most of the time customisable.

So in short, we don't know. 

Q. Is it really waterproof?

A. ABSOLUTELY ! We are so glad to offer that piece of mind to our clients. We have our certification through the CSIRO and provide this to any who need the proof. The sealer is the key ingredient here to obtaining the waterproof factor. Its crucial to know not all textured finishes are waterproof & if there is no certification your installer is providing you for this, there is good reason for that.

Q. How much is it per m2?

A. Unlike other trades in the industry we do not work off a m2 rate. We have fine tuned our pricing methods and quotes are priced via product and time basis. Clients then have the choice to add on additional areas for completion and pay only extra product as in most occasions this extra work can be completed while one wall is drying. Therefore it leaves both our clients and our team satisfied

Q. Do I get a warranty?

A. ABSOLUTELY ! We like to personally assess each job on completion to ensure it has been completed adhering to our TDS. Once this process is finalised, usually after caulking, we will send a digital warranty with specifications.

Q. How long does the product last?

A. The first bathroom completed in Australia was 17 years ago. Today it still stands in tact and in excellent condition. If you take care of it, it too will last you.

Q. How durable is it?

A. Being crushed marble, of course it is a delicate product. Essentially it can take quite a lot of effort to break through the product. It outlasts concrete bench tops, which are popular on the market however are extremely porous and can damage easily if not taken care of. If you are taking care of your products, there should never be any affected areas.

Q. How practical is it?

A. Practical is exactly what the product is. Unlike tiles, which are not entirely waterproof or practical because, well grout breaks down and mould builds up leaving you areas you need to constantly tent to and clean. This is a mould free solution, the lime content repels any mould, and you don't notice any build up. If you do you simply give it a wipe over to ensure it is clean again. Thats it. Some clients have gone years without a full clean of their shower areas since changing to our product. What a great problem to have right !

An answer to every woman's prayers.

Q. Can I get samples?

A. Most of the year our artisans are flat out, tending to their busy schedules making clients happy. We don't mind sending samples however we do have a process to this. See below.

Q. What's the process?

A.  For our clients in the industry, such as designers, architects, builders and so on, samples are provided to those with approved jobs, in most cases customised to the specifications of colours and finish.


For all other clients, we like to chat to our clients and gauge what they'd like, what they may have seen that has lead them to our conversations. This helps us get a specific idea of what the clients needs and desires are. We quote first, to ensure that it is in the clients budget, we like to make sure they don't get to sealing the deal before realising it doesn't suit their budget. 

Once our quoting process is approved we move into a consultation stage where one of our consultants will meet with samples, catalogs and colour charts. This stage, the client gets to really feel what the product is going to be like and finalise the finishes and colours they want, sometimes needing to provide customised coloured samples for approval.

We lock in approximate dates ( always being flexible with estimates ), and lock in our preferred artisan. We then send all necessary informations for TDS and preparation to your builder/project manager/designer/architect. A trained, highly skilled and knowledgeable artisan will be given your contact details and confirm the day before starting. They will complete the application process and one of our team will be in contact throughout to ensure everything is up to standard. A team member or artisan will be assigned who will assess the details of the TDS to ensure all steps have been adhered to, overseeing the caulking and then we provide our client their warranty.